Wednesday, June 2, 2004

How do i improve my horse riding?

i owna fabulous 17.1hh irish sports horse mare, she is 7 years old and is very talented allround, i really want to jump higher than what i am jumping, its hard for me as i have very few jumps which means its harder to jump bigger, i am also 14 years old and have ridden all my life, my horse, maddie, is a good horse but i just need some advice on how i can get more confidencee in my jumping, also i only have four poly blocks so its hard to jump bigger, can you give me some advice on how i can use them jumps? thanx it's just hard to jump bigger when you only have very few jumps

please look up polly multi jumps if you don't now what my blocks look like, google images is good for this


Answer on How do i improve my horse riding?

Riding, riding, riding, and more riding! Riding is just like any other sport: to get better, you have to practice! And if you can afford it, sign up for some lessons. You may have to transport your horse, or a trainer might come to your barn.