Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Can I become a varsity-level baseballer in a year?

Hey Americans I need your help!
I'm going to be an exchange student to the USA next year and I would like to play baseball there because I really like it and so on.
If I start practicing in September, can I become a varsity baseballer next year?
What do you advise me to do to improve my play?
The problem is that I live in Italy and there's only a baseball pitch near my town.
I would really appreciate any kind of advice...I would be pleased if you give me your email in order to get more advice.
Thanks a lot

Answer on Can I become a varsity-level baseballer in a year?

yeah only if you dont slack off and you practice enough and put your mind and all you got into it! otherwise youll never learn how to be a professional! loook at the major league they put all their time and forth effort into baseball to get where they are today!

Do Italian speak English?

I'm going to Italy for few days and I only know how to speak English. I heard that there aren't many Italians who speak English. Is this true?
How are the main expressions to use there for a good ans simple conversation?

Answer on Do Italian speak English?

No we don't infact we are not really here talking in you in english and telling you how much moron you are...that's only your dreams and you are dreaming...