Saturday, April 3, 2004

Questions about my trip to italy?

Can I bring food in my suitcase (not the carry on) ? And what about water? Also, when they say there is a 20 kilo maximum on the weight of the luggage, does that include the carry-on bag, or is it 20 kilos for each one?


Answer on Questions about my trip to italy?

The 20 kg limit is usually for your checked bag. Limits will be smaller for carry-on. You need to check the baggage policies of the specific airlines that you'll be flying on which are available on their website.

You can bring in some kinds of foods. What you can bring depends to some extent on where it originated. Some things are allowed if they come from the EU which are not allowed from other countries. Do not bring meats or fruit, for example. You can bring water in your checked bag, but why would you want to. Water is a lot of weight to transport and the water is fine here. Having something like that in your checked bag may alo trigger a visual search of the bag.…