Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Losing weight - how big are the chances of a sagging belly?

I'm currently losing weight after having had an eating disorder for most of my youth and am worried about getting a saggy belly. While I know I can do training to tighten the belly, I'm not sure if that'll fully help.

I'm 24, about 5'6" and weight around 200-220 lbs (around 100kg). I intent to have a weight around atleast 140-150 lbs (preferably a bit less), which I think is curvy or buxom, but by far not overweight. I'm female.

While in a worst case scenario abdominoplasty is an option, I'd really like to avoid that!

So if someone knows what I should expect at that age, weight and the amount of weight loss, please let me know!


Answer on Losing weight - how big are the chances of a sagging belly?

You are still young and your body has amazing ways of adapting to the pressure that you place upon it. You should just focus on keeping a steady workout routine as well as healthy eating habits. Being in shape is a life long practice.

The good news is once you get used to setting certain positive habits, then it will be easier to stick to them. As to what to expect at your age, There are literally countless variables. So no one can really say one thing or another for sure.

You would have to consult your physician on what to realistically expect. Good luck on your good and keep at it, Sara!