Monday, January 12, 2004

How can i make myself look prettier in time for summer? ?

I'm not talking about looking fake ! I just want to be improved. I kind of want to dye my hair. My hair is between medium and dark brown. What color should I dye it? I'm sick of this poop color. OH and maybe some natural-looking makeup ideas ? Another thing, I'm pretty much in shape, except for one thing, my stomach . It does not have any muscle and I kind of have a belly pouch. Any easy to handle diet plans/ excersises? So bottom line, how can I look prettier and get more fit ? Thanks.

Answer on How can i make myself look prettier in time for summer? ?

I love doing make overs for the summer time! It's time to try something new. (: Change is good! :D

Hair: I would say you could go for an all out dark brown hair. If you don't wanna do that, you could choose a shade lighter than a dark brown and also add highlights to it? That would be amazing for summer. Highlights always remind me of beachy hair. Here are a few pics..

- Dark Brown:…

- Brown with highlights:…

Makeup: For summer, stick with light browns, and brown eyeline, with some black mascara. Bronzer is great for summer aswell, becuase it gives your skin a glowing look.
*TIP* Whenever you use a fountion ( i would suggest tinted moisturizer for the summer ) make sure it has an SPF of atleast 15.
Here is a video on great summer makeup:…

Body: Try doing 20-40 crunches a day, then going on a 10-20 min run, or vise versa. You can start off lower, and as the days increase you can add 5 minutes of workout each day. That way, when summer comes you will have some nice toned abs (:

Hope i helped!