Thursday, December 25, 2003

Time to choose?

Hi everyone...
I just need an advice!
I'm a 22-year-old Italian girl. I spent 2 years in London and I just love it! Now I'm back to Italy to attend a Uni course but here life's so stressful that I can hardly stand it. Besides this, living with my parents is very hard after living alone for 2 years and renting a flat or just a room would be far too expensive for me. So I have to decide whether to go back to England where I could live my life as I wish, or stay here in Italy and build up my future getting a Uni degree.
What would you advise me? I know I should think quite seriously about it, but the problem is that on one hand I've got my family and friends and my Uni, but on the other hand I've got the life I would like to live (even because maybe in UK degrees are not so important).
Thanks for your advice, I'm so desperate I don't really know what to do and maybe this could help!

Answer on Time to choose?

Maybe you could tough it out until you get your degree and then move back to England. Having that degree would help you out in your effort to build a life for yourself, regardless of where you'd be living. I'd go for the degree if I could. I realize it's tough trying to live with your parents again after living on your own though. Regardless of your age, parents will always treat you like you're a child, to a certain extent. In the end, you have to do whatever is necessary to make yourself happy.