Thursday, December 18, 2003

I really hate the area i live in?

so i go to a school where the majority of the people are rich..and i live on the not so rich side of town. at my school there is not much diversity and everybody has pretty much the same personality..everybody is really materialistic and not down to earth. also if you're not insanely pretty or appealing looking (idk how to word that) then people will not come up and talk to you. i think i personally have a really good personality, but the environment at my school is just so negative that i can't be myself and i become very introverted sometimes i'm really friendly but never always. its hs and its supposed to be the best times of your life but its not..i feel everywhere else i go i am way more outgoing..and if i tried to be this outgoing here people would call me a social climber i just feel so uncomfortable..also i try to hang out with people from other schools but we never get to see each other that frequently...please give me some advice and nothing mean thanks!

Answer on I really hate the area i live in?

it does not matter whether you are poor or rich.just be what you are don't think of others,there are many things to do in life