Thursday, December 11, 2003

Question regarding stalker ex-boyfriend?

So I met this guy last year and we went on a couple dates. I kinda liked him a little bit, but his feelings were much stronger than mine and I didn't want to lead him on or anything. The reason we stopped seeing each other was because I told him I was dating someone new, which was kind of true but nothing serious. I just didn't want to go out with him anymore, and he told me he loved me on our second date. The feelings obviously weren't mutual. He left me alone for about 6 months but lately he has been really creepy. At first he was acting friendly...and I am a friendly person as well so I figured he was ok. I told him I have a boyfriend this time too(lie again)...and he asked me why I played him and said that I told him I loved him before(which I know is untrue). I told him I was sorry and I didn't mean to hurt his feelings but then he said something rude and I told him there was never anything between us and we were just friends. Since I told him that he has been really nasty. He has been texting me mean and disrespectful stuff like "all I wanted was some head"(which never happened) and has sent me a picture of his genitalia. He set his facebook status after I talked to him as "b**ches like you need to be euthenized" and I deleted and blocked him. My mom and friends don't know him and I haven't told anyone about him. He knows where I live and I'm just kinda creeped out/scared. I'm alone at night too which makes it even worse. I'm only 16 and I really don't know what to tell him to make him not hate me, send me mean stuff, and possibly stalk and hurt me. I don't know. Advice please.

Answer on Question regarding stalker ex-boyfriend?

Have an older, preferably adult male set him straight and let him know that he needs to straighten up. Maybe your father, older brother, uncle, friend, or someone else you trust. This guy is definitely acting inappropriately and needs to be corrected.