Thursday, November 20, 2003

Tips for quick weight loss?

I have a last minute reunion coming up in two weeks and the last time these friends saw me I was a size 4-6. I'm 5lbs from an 8 right now and 15 from a 6. I'd be satisfied with an 8 but thrilled to be in a 6. Right now Im eating a balanced 800 cal diet, trying to stay physically active when I don't have to sit (eg cleaning, pacing, walking, or lifting weights) and drinking lots of water (no soft drinks whatsoever). Does anyone have any other suggestions that may help me out in a pinch? Thanks!

Answer on Tips for quick weight loss?

A huge problem for a lot of people when it comes to a diet is giving up. Make reminders for yourself, and keep a set schedule of exercising, motivate yourself and you will lose the weight before you know it.