Thursday, October 2, 2003

I need help with history?

1.) What was the Reconquista?
The application of harsh rules towards Muslims living in Spain
The expulsion of the Muslims from Spain
The inter marrying of Muslims and Christians in Spain
The attempt to convert Muslims

2.) What helped Spain become one of Europe’s greatest powers?
Invincible armada
The Spanish Navy
Christopher Columbus
None of the above

3.) Where was the Holy Roman Empire located?
South of Italy
Slightly north of the Ukraine
Central and Western Europe, Modern day Germany

4.) What is the Reichstag?
The Pope and his administration
The German Government
What was previously known as the Roman empire before the fall.
Legislative body of the HRE

5.) Which one was NOT a reason for the start of the Thirty years war?
Political tensions
The Treaty of Westphalia
Economic tensions
Religious tensions

6.) What was not a result of the Peace of Westphalia?
The Roman empire flourished
The previous structure of power was rearranged.
Spain was weakened, the Holy Roman Empire was effectively dissolved, and France now seen to be the dominating power in Europe
None of the above

7.) Who was the first tsar of Russia?
Balrog II
Drago IV
Bison IIX
Ivan IV

8.) What dynasty was able to gain power in Russia after the Time of Troubles?

9.) What was Peter the Great’s main contribution?
He introduced organized religion to the Russian people.
He painted great portraits that still hang in Russian museums today.
He westernized Russia
He made fur hats stylish

10.) What was Catherine the Great’s main contribution?
She was the first woman captain of a war ship
She was a great military leader.
She was the pioneer of woman's rights in her time
She greatly expanded Russia’s territory

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