Wednesday, October 1, 2003

2nd pregnancy - weight gain?

I am 11 wks along with Baby #2 and feel like a pig compared to Baby #1! I also have a 9mo old who still nurses, and I've gained 5 lbs so far. I only gained 10-15lbs the first time around and walked out of the hospital in my regular clothes.
I know my calorie needs are higher, but even my cravings are worse this time! With #1, I wanted veggies - tomatoes and spinach especially. This time, I can't get enough junk food! I even ate at McDonalds today - which I never do!! I really struggled with morning sickness for the first 9 weeks of this pregnancy, so I feel especially gluttonous with how I've eaten the last 2 weeks because I've felt like eating everything!

Has anyone experienced this before? I'm counting on the cravings letting up pretty soon and getting back to 'normal' eating soon, just so afraid of really blowing it now and having to be careful about weight gain later in the pregnancy (and weight loss afterwords!).

Answer on 2nd pregnancy - weight gain?

to me weight gain is just a part of pregnancy I gained 50 pounds, 60 pounds and 40 pounds if your hungry you need to eat and cravings are normal try to set a meal plan everyday or make one out for the week where your letting yourself have one item of junk food (cookies, a coke, burger etc..) and then make sure you eat a regular healthy diet for the rest of the day i understand its hard no one especially a pregnant woman can get healthy 24/7 i didn't really do much to change my diet when i was pregnant except the foods that were harmful (brie cheese, and uncooked hot dogs or lunch meat) and soda's i continued on eating how i did everyday, i made dinners the same people think just because your pregnant you can only eat broccoli and grilled chicken.