Friday, September 19, 2003

Can I use a GSM phone in both the US and Italy?

I'm going to be switching cell phone services soon and need advice. I have Verizon but plan on switching to Tmobile or Cingular. I was wondering if I bought an unlocked gsm phone, could I use it here in the US and then buy a prepaid sim card in italy and just switch cards?

Answer on Can I use a GSM phone in both the US and Italy?

Yes you can, just make sure that you get QUAD-BAND GSM Device if you are going with Cingular. If you choose T-Mobile Euro-Tri will do, juts make sure it has 900Mhz (For Italy) and 1900Mhz (For the US).
Here's quick reference for you, the GSM phones in the US operate on 1900Mhz and 850Mhz. In Europe they operate on 1800Mhz and 900Mhz, but mostly 900Mhz. Of course they have 3G as well.

What are your tips on toning up fast?

I am 5'1" and 145 pounds. I am a size 6 but most of my extra weight is contributed by my breasts and my booty haha.
I have a bit of a poochy belly but i am in no way "fat". I just started Weight Watchers" and want to lose 15 pounds in about 6 weeks because i am going to Australia at the end of November. I am vowing to run on the elyptical 30 minutes everyday, eat according to the diet, and drink lots of water.

What else should i be doing to tone up, lose my belly, and get rid of ugly cellulite? Joining a gym or spending lots of money is not an option.

Answer on What are your tips on toning up fast?

Cellulite will go away with a healthy diet, cut out anything with partially hydrogenated oils and start doing about 30 m inutes of cardio 4-5 days per week. Combining that with some lunges, squats and some ab work outs you should see a bit of a difference by your trip.