Friday, August 8, 2003

What is your opinion on JUSTIN BIEBER?

Answer on What is your opinion on JUSTIN BIEBER?

i think hes a very controversial topic . he has tons & tons of straight up haters, & millions of girlls faintign & crying alll over him . its hard to say .

i think hes absolutely gorgeous & hot & sexy & everything . especially now with that haircute & he is just soo damn fine ! i dont see how he looks like a girl . just because you have sorta long hair doesnt mean you look likie a girl . he doesnt have any girll features...

& people can stop saying his balls need to drop because if you listen to his last few songs or any recent videos you can hear his voice is alot deeper so shut the **** up !

i think he is amazing because he helpss out tons of charities & children in need of help , like in africa . he donates a dollar from every concert ticket sold to children funds & what not . hes truly amazing & gives back .

i havent seen his movie yhet because it was sold out, but everyone says if you did you can see hes just a normal kid that just happens to be an amazing musciian & singer . which he is . & he can sorta dance too .

in my eyes hes just a normal but super hot teen withh amazing talents & i truly dont understand why people hate on him so bad . or if they hate him so much why do they waste there time commenting on his videos & stuff ? it just doesnt add up .

& i cant really defend him because i dont know him personallly, but i think if you dont like his music, then just hop off his videos & go watch what you like .

anyways, im done . & no im not an obssesed fan or whatever . i dont creep him, i just know things from my friends that do & stuff . but i do think he is talented & super hot as ive mentioned . im 16 by the way so im not some little girl thank you very much (: