Monday, July 21, 2003

Question about Little Italy....?

Do the locals speak Italian, or English? A mixture of both?
Are there any hotels or motels in the area you can stay at? If there are, which ones do you suggest?
Is Iittle Italy more of a tourist destination or a place where you can actually learn about Italian ancestory? I mean that Q as: is it more like eat pasta and take pictures for a day, or sit and chat with the locals and see museums kind-of-thing (longer than a day). I can't explain that well lol Sorry!
Would greatly appreciate your feed-back! :)

Answer on Question about Little Italy....?

Sadly, Little Italy is a mere shadow of its former self, so if you're of Italian descent and you're expecting to go to Little Italy and be welcomed with open arms like as if you were going home to the "old country," well, forget it, all that's left there, really, is just a few tourist-trap restaurants and souvenir shops... most of the Italians moved out years ago, sorry.

A lot of them do come back to the old neighborhood every year for the famous San Gennaro festival, but that's in late September, so I'm afraid you've missed it... maybe next year?

Good luck, and the link below is to a webpage about Little Italy...