Sunday, July 6, 2003

Justin bieber crush!!!!?

Ok I'm a normal fan of Justin bieber and yea so this friday I went to see never say never and at the end I brusted out of tears,(haha ya ya laugh all you want) and know I'm like obsessed with him! I never felt this way about anyone before. So I have no idea. And sometimes I cry alot because he won't ever met me or like me I'm fat people say I'm thick and that I have a pretty face with a cute smile ,I disagree and now I don't know what to do . I like this guy At school he asked me out I said no,because I love Justin bieber ugh! I can't get over that please help me get over this!

Answer on Justin bieber crush!!!!?

I HAVE THE SAME THING. I didn't even like him before, but now I freakin am OBSESSED. He's all i think aboutt :) hahahah & umm well it's gotten better with's been a week now..but he's the only music i listen to. . . Time will help cause i was being wierdly creepy last week and now i'm just semi creepy...Oh and about your looks, don't you worry at allllll! i'm sure you're beautiful and if JBiebs doesn't think so if you meet him, he's SO not worth your time..but I'm pretty sure he would. He's such a nice guy it seems and I also want to meet him..Just remember that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON & IF YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO MEET HIM, YOU WILL!

Do you have any tips to help clear up my skin?

I wash my face every day with 2 different cleansers, one of which is exfoliating, then I use toner pads and repairing lotion. This has helped but my chin still breaks out pretty badly. I was hoping someone would have some solid tips to help me clear it up better. I have a good diet also, lots of fresh vegetables, I only like tomatos as far as fruit is concerned but i eat that every day also.

Answer on Do you have any tips to help clear up my skin?

tomatoes have acid so maybe cut back on those

as a man who has deal with acne almost 40 years try this: go to First Aid aisle of local pharmacy and buy some Hibiclens solution. apply it twice a day with cotton rounds. it kills germs for up to 6 hours!