Monday, June 2, 2003

How do you not get moody and get angry over small things whilst pregnant ?

this is my 5th pregnancy but i seem to take things out of hand these days ... example the blood test i was suppose to have took to long & i was getting agitated so i got up and said don't worry about it im not coming back i felt bad but i couldn't help it the lady that was doing the bloods was just sitting there chatting whilst a line of people were waiting outside

& then i found out my sister in law & husband were discussing my weight to my mother in law how much i have lost & that i must be taking diet pills & to find out what i was doing to loose the weight and that i was lieing when i said nothing & then when my MIL told them i was pregnant they were like ohh how did that happen i went off & told hubby how dare they monitor my weight its none of their business & how dare they accuse me of taking diet pills im pregnant & how else do they think i got pregnant lol .. i just went off at my poor hubby

i know somethings are pety but i cant seem to shut my mouth these days anyone else have this problem ??

Answer on How do you not get moody and get angry over small things whilst pregnant ?

Yeah it's all in the hormones. I'm a fairly outspoken person to begin with and I don't hold my tongue about much but I know when to hold my tongue if it's necessary. Well since being pregnant, there is NO stopping what's on my mind whether it's appropriate or not. I can't stand how rude people are and won't hesitate to tell someone as much either, even if it's a stranger when I'm out in public. I can't tell you how many times I've had people bump into me with a shopping cart, or hit my cart with theirs which then hits my belly, or gotten hit in the belly with a door all because people don't pay attention to what goes on around them, and never once have I been apologized to and never once did I hesitate to open my mouth and say something to that person. I mean really, how do you run into a person, pregnant or not but especially a pregnant woman and not apologize to them?! It drives me up a wall, it's truly disgusting how rude people are. My hubby's also gotten the brunt of some of my pregnancy emotions. Like yesterday we were supposed to go into town and visit his parents so I planned on stopping at the local ice cream stand to get a chili cheese dog and an ice cream cone and next thing I knew we weren't going and I was upset because I wanted that chili cheese dog and ice cream cone. It was terrible and I feel bad now but I couldn't help it at the time, lol.