Saturday, April 26, 2003

Eminem and Collaborations??????

What artists would you like to see collab with Eminem?
What artists do you think Eminem should avoid collabing with?

Eminem should collab with
*Lupe Fiasco * Black Thought <again>
*Nas * DMX < if he comes back this year>
*AZ * Ice Cube
*T.I. * Kanye West <no auto tune>
* Raekwon
Artists that are true to the game

Eminem should avoid the following:
*Lil Wayne
*Young Money <entirety>
*Yelawolf < recently signed by interscope but needs a little but more exp>
*Soulja Boy
or fake people <affiliated with the artists except for Yelawolf>

Answer on Eminem and Collaborations??????

I agree with shinobi. Or he should collaborate with the same guy on the song "313." I don't really care anymore Eminem is whack now and he will never be as good as he was on the marshall mathers lp, the eminem show or infinite. He is highly overrated and you'd have to be really white or 10 yrs old to still like him.