Wednesday, April 9, 2003

An inconvenient truth on facebook?

On the inconvenient truth app on facebook two girls were asked if I was cool and did I need to lose weight. They both answered maybe - I don't know them that well but to me that sounds pretty much like a yes just they wouldn't be so rude as to actually come out with it. I wouldn't consider the girls who answered all that skinny or cool but I would never be so bitchy as to write that considering they could have just skipped. I wouldn't have considered myself uncool I have plenty of friends and as for weight I'm a uk size 8-10 and a US 4-6 I wouldn't consider this large enough for someone to make such a suggestive comment unprovoked by any kind of disagreement with either.. Am I overreacting in thinking that's really rude?

Answer on An inconvenient truth on facebook?

You _are_ overreacting. Don't take a stupid spam application's "results" as real opinions.