Thursday, March 20, 2003

Specfic questions on going Vegetarian and eventually Vegan?

I'd like to know: What supplements do you take in your everyday diet? What are the best "meats" for vegans (I don't like tofu)? What do you use for recommend for salad dressings? Are there any recipes or advice you have to give someone just starting out? And if someone could break down a regular daily diet of there's for me so I can get and idea, I would appreciate it so much.
p.s. im lactose intolerant so i cant have milk or dairy anyway, so i'm already over that hurdle as far as going vegan.

Answer on Specfic questions on going Vegetarian and eventually Vegan?

~ I take B12 supplements
~ For meats, soy meats like Smart Dogs and Boca Burgers... Just check a local health food store... :)
~ For dressing, Italian is usually safe

My diet: I eat a lot of green veggies, spinach mostly. I love almonds, fruits, Amy's Organic Soups, banana and peanut butter sandwhiches, baked mac & cheese (i stick to soy cheese, rice cheese usually has a hard time melting), edamame, veggie bean burritos... etc... Also, I'd reccomend soy protein mix; it tastes great in strawberry soy milk shakes

I'm not sure what recipes to give you... what recipes are you looking for? what foods do you like? This site might help you with recipes ----…