Wednesday, January 8, 2003

The length of the U. S Immigration interview process, medical examination etc?

My cousins have received their interview date to receive their green card. I was just wondering (because they were asking when to buy their ticket) how many days before their scheduled interview should they be in the country? And usually how many days does the medical examination take, does it take more than a day?
Also, if the interview goes well, is the passport and visa going to be given to them at that time, or the next day?
I was just wondering for these rough estimations because their interview is in Italy, and they would like to come to the U.S after wards, so they need to know how many days to be in Italy before the scheduled interview and how many days after (if any) to receive their actual visa.
Thank you!!

Answer on The length of the U.S Immigration interview process, medical examination etc?

They are being interviewed in Italy for what Visa ...Where are they now ...