Monday, January 6, 2003

Where did all the water come from for Noah's flood?

it would need far more than the water on earth, and for a comet to hit and melt would need one large enough to destroy the earth

i even saw a show on this and they said just having that much water on earth would kill anyone, even if on a boat
a person who studied ancient boats, said an all wood boat, with no metal, the size told in the bible could not float
and for noah to get all animals on earth in an ark, in 7 days he would have to load them at 50 animal pairs a second

how do explain this? for ppl who take this story literally, and yes there are some i have met them

Answer on Where did all the water come from for Noah's flood?

It came from beneath the ground, as is clearly stated in the Book of Genesis.

You can see how much water there is compared to how much water there was. Look at how much land is still covered by water - today we call it the continental shelf.

For a more historical (less hate filled) perspective, look here:

If Noah's flood had occurred as the Bible says it did, we would find all of the soils around the globe sorted into layers by the Hydraulic Sorting Principle...oh, wait...they are.

Edit: Well Basement Cat, if you saw it on TV, it MUST be true...oh, please. You believe the TV, but not God!? I don't think I can help you with that, except to point out the proof of the flood is everywhere, and there are teams of scientists working on and finding scientific evidence of Noah's world wide flood. But, if the TV is your information source, you'll never see any of this evidence. The most obvious proof of the Noah's world wide flood is how the soils (and fossils) are layered globally sorted by the hydraulic sorting principle (by mass and density). This evidence can be seen in any photo of the Grand Canyon. Here is a place to start; There are many, many others. And, of course there's not enough underground water! It's not underground anymore. With that and your 'magick rain' comment, I can see you are stuck in uniformitarian geology. Too bad. A scientist does not believe what he is told. A scientist questions everything. I suggest you try to be a scientist.

May God bless you and your search for Truth.