Thursday, January 2, 2003

More Computer Homework Questions?

15. In what countries were people credited with great strides in typography before Europe developed movable type?

A. Korea and China
B. Italy and Greece
C. United States and Canada

16. What were the three ingredients of the mixture Pi Sherig used to hold his type in place?

A. wax, resin, and paper ash
B. tree resin, candle wax, and gun powder
C. candle wax, paper ash, and bee resin

19. Perfection of electrostatic printing paved the way for what commonly used printing process?

A. Xerography
B. Stencil Duplication
C. Offset Duplication

20. What event in United States history had the first impact on typewriter sales?

A. The American Depression
B. World War II
C. Release of the computer

21. Typographers were never sold because __________.

A. people were not interested in the machine
B. it duplicated many other products that worked the same way
C. there was no such model developed

Answer on More Computer Homework Questions?

15) A
16) C?
19) A
20) B
21) B?

How long will 250MB of internet last me ?

right.. looking for a blackberry contract, more intressted on the whole internet part of it though...
how long will 250MB og internet last me if im using it for facebook, and maybe emails and possibly twitter ??
Thanks (: <3 <3
P.S it would be per month

Answer on How long will 250MB of internet last me ?

I've just checked my usage stats and I've used about 150MB almost every month for the last year and that's with a fair bit of checking Facebook, plenty of emails, lots of web browsing and even a couple of YouTube videos each month.

If you're not watching videos then you'll be fine. Using WiFi while you're at home will help to keep your uage down too.