Monday, December 30, 2002

My best friend hates me?

For the purpose of confidentiality, i with Label people girl 2 boy 1 etc.

I am male.
So we had a half day in school and my best friend (boy 1) asked me to go with the rest of our friends uptown but i said i was going with my other good friends (girl 1 and girl 2). We are all friends so he said they can come too. Everyone was cool but the girls were taking for ever in the bathroom doing there thing. Boy 1 has this increadable crush on girl 1 but she doesn't like him even as a friend but he just wont give up. Girl 1 knows that i don't fancy her, I like girl 2 by the way but that doesn't matter. Boy 1 says to me lets go, they can catch up but i wait because we i planned to go uptown with the girls from yesterday. I wait, they come out and we leave. We get close to the rest of the guys but girl 1 doesn't want to join them cause boy 1 will keep talking to her so i stay with the girls. At this point its awkward because there right in front of us. They dont seen to be talking but we are and they can hear us. This goes on for about 15 Min's until they go a different way. Shortly though they end up behind us. Girl 1 persists we not join them and im ok with that.

I look back stare my best Friends in the face as if we never met. So eventually we go different ways and i have a great day with the girls. The next day, im wondering if any of my Friends care if i didn't go with them and they don't. But boy 1, my best friend wont even look at me. We all sit at our usual lunch table and he talks to everyone except me with never happens. Im guessing he hates me for hanging out all day with girl 1 which apparently 'loves'. I told him before that i don't like her but now he hates me. He wont answer in facebook, xfire and i asked him if he wanted to go to the cinema with me and others, he says he has stuff to do. spends all his time playing Call of Duty.

Am i really to blame here because im great friends with the girls, i shouldn't have to not hang out with them because boy 1 has a major crush SHOULD I? If i am in the wrong ill apologise. Is my friend just jealous because the girls like me and not him because i didnt think he would hate ME for that.
Please help, this has NEVER happened before during our 4 year friendship. I miss my friend...

Answer on My best friend hates me?

Speak to him, just you two and tell him that you like Girl 2. He's your best friend and I'm sure he'll understand, I guess he's just mad at you. BUT Girl 1 shouldn't have put you in that position where you have to chose who to hang out with. If she wasn't comfortable, then she shouldn't have come, or she should talk to your best friend and tell him she isn't interested. x