Friday, December 13, 2002

Im having trouble loosing weight at home?

i want to lose some belly fat just at home and ive been trying to diet but im having trouble with disciplining myself in order to do so :( i dont know why i keep on having cravings.

can anyone give me some tips on dieting at home? please? i really want to lose this fat :))

btw will a fat eliminating medicine help?

Answer on Im having trouble loosing weight at home?

Aaaaagh! It's LOSE weight. I'm amazed at how many times people get this wrong.

You're having cravings because you're hungry. That's what all diets have in common--they don't allow you enough calories so you'll lose weight, but the problem is that you have to go hungry every single day, and the hunger just gets worse and worse. That's why no diets works forever and why people eventually regain the weight they lost.

Don't waste your money on any pills.

Instead of eating less, concentrate on eating better. See if that doesn't help.