Tuesday, November 12, 2002

How do Virgo's let go of Grudges?

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My God Mother made my life a living hell. When I wanted to succeed she smashed my dreams, she yelled at me every time she say me finding some flaw in me, and I want to be perfect and act better everyday. She influenced my parents to put me in uniforms, to be on a all bread diet for a punishment, to starve, to ban boyfriends, to stay I will never get married or have kids(christian thing, she says God said so). I will stay a Virgin all my life. When I make my hair nice she tells me put it in a pony tail and that's all. I can't wear earrings because she says I am vain. But her daughter wears everything, earrings and all and I don't believe I am vain I just look really beautiful. I said I wanted to be a doctor and she said she does not know if I will be a good one, I don't have the tenacity. But my brother said he wanted to be an engineer and she said he would be a good one, but she does not know me, and really she thinks she does. I am venting, anyway, when Virgo's get hurt to the core and called imperfect, how do they react, do they keep them. I say I forgive her but I really still am holding a grudge and when I want to be nice to her she just finds something wrong. She is an Aries. My Moon is Pisces and Risingg is Scorpio.

Answer on How do Virgo's let go of Grudges?

Will never let go of the past. Speitally with ur pisces moon. Btw my granma was a b*tch too

Do you think Lady Gaga is overrated?

I do her new album is awful .

Answer on Do you think Lady Gaga is overrated?

Very overrated!