Monday, September 30, 2002

I need healthy meal ideas. please?

breakfast - i don't eat eggs, oatmeal, bacon or ham. i also don't eat bagels, pancakes, cereal, waffles. i really don't like any breakfast food. i usually skip breakfast and have an early lunch instead. or i have a meal bar from Atkins with a banana and a glass of orange juice.

lunch - all i eat for lunch is a grilled cheese sandwich on wheat bread, tuna sandwich little mayo on wheat bread, and turkey sandwich with a little honey mustard on wheat bread. BORING! i need new ideas for lunch. quick and easy.

dinner - i like vegetables a lot! but they get boring, i need new ways to eat them. broccolli, cauliflower, spinach, beans etc. i love rice. i don't eat pork, beef or fish. i only eat chicken. and i usually only like it if it's mixed into things like salad or pasta with veggies. i just don't like the taste of meat. i love cheese, and i loveee potatoes. in any way! boiled, grilled, baked, mashed, fried, any way!

i'm on a diet. i want to lose 5 pounds and i'm trying to tone up so i need more energy and filling foods cause i get hungry every hour.
i'm 18, 5 foot 2 and 115 pounds.

Answer on I need healthy meal ideas. please?

1st of all... NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST! It is proven that if you skip breakfast you will gain weight because your body goes into starvation mode.

Okay now that that is out of the way, lets get started. Breakfast when you eat it sounds pretty healthy, any kind of fruit will be good for you, so try new things.
For lunch, try having low fat/low sodium soups. Most of them taste great and are healthy, just try to avoid thick broths.
For Dinner, because you are on a diet, you need to eat more meat and less cheese and potatoes. Although they taste great, they are better in moderation. Because it is the only meat that you eat at dinner, chicken is vital. Chicken is very important for losing weight because of the protein that your body needs. You could always look up recipes for a healthy stir-fry.

Remember that you are on a mission to lose weight. Try talking to relatives and friends about recipes. Make sure that you look at the Nutrition Facts on foods you buy at the grocery store. Try using programs like Weight-Watchers. And make sure you go to the gym and get some exercise. Try talking to your doctor for more options.