Saturday, September 7, 2002

Should i eat this many cals to lose 10 lbs! 10 POINTS to whoever answers!?

I want to lose 10 pounds by february first. Im 5'2" 106 lb and 16 years old.
i put my info in a calorie calculator to see how much i should eat to lose weight, BUT should i eat my CURRENT weights fat loss cals, or my GOAL weight fat loss cals?

Maintain: 1684
Fat Loss: 1348
Extreme Fat Loss: 1011

Fat loss: 1298
Extreme Fat Loss: 973

Im thinking of eating either my GOAL weight fat loss calories or my GOAL and CURRENT extreme fat loss calories for 6 days a week and once a week i eat 1400-1500 calories.
I exercise 3-6 days a week (usually 4) for 30 minutes burning around 100 calories.
Eat super healthy, but sometimes i splurge.

10 pnts best answer. please no RUDE or SPAM comments. ill report them.

Answer on Should i eat this many cals to lose 10 lbs! 10 POINTS to whoever answers!?… explain the healthy weight for your height

first i just want to say you dont really need to loose weight.
My suggestion is to workout more and continue a healthy diet.
loosing weight will only make you look very thin, and at sixteen loosing that much weight can make your period stop (not permanently, but it becomes more irregular and you miss a few). My friend lost 20 pounds and skipped her period for 6 months.

you have a good plan thought out though. however, i think that working out for maybe an hour 4 times a week and on the other days maybe 15- 30 minutes of walking or small exercise will be beneficial to you.