Friday, August 2, 2002

Birth control options while on atkins diet?

i have been reading that birth control can stall weight loss while on the atkins diet... i was wondering if anyone knows of birth controls that do not make you gain weight, and do no affect atkins. i have extremely irregular periods, they are painfull, and i get really bad acne break outs... i used to be on orthotrycyclin lo. which helped with the breakouts and made my period regular, but i think it made me gain weight. also, if i do decided to take a oral contraceptive how do i know what pills are the sugar pills so i can avoid taking them?

Answer on Birth control options while on atkins diet?

Atkins program should help your periods & acne since it helps normalize hormones. Adding hormones makes most women gain weight, Atkins program should help stop the weight gain. Weight loss is always hard for women & even harder for those taking hormones.

The sugar pills are the ones taken during your period & are marked differently - you should have 21 regular pills & 7 sugar pills.

All birth control pills, shots, patches, rings etc are hormone based - some are ultra low - you'll need to research these & discuss with your doctor. Condoms & diaphragms are the only barrier methods that aren't hormone based. The IUD can be hormone free.

Low hormone birth control is designated as having less than 35 micrograms of estrogen, while ultra low dose has less than 20 micrograms. Pills, vaginal rings and patches are manufactured on low hormone varieties, with pills being the most popular. Most low hormone pills normally introduce a very low level of hormones into the body for three weeks, with a sugar pill for the fourth week. Vaginal rings are placed in the body by the user and remain inserted for a three-week period, with removal and a normal menstrual cycle happening during the fourth week. Patches work much the same as the ring, with a new patch applied every week for three weeks, and one week off when the menstrual cycle occurs.