Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Is it worth it to trade in my rifle?

not sure how much i'd get for it. it's a savage mark 2. i have 3 mags total and a scope.

anyway, i was thinking i want a semi auto like a marlin 795 and wonder why i didn't just get that in the first place.

should i trade in my savage? how much would i get for it? should i just save up for the marlin?
i just don't know what i'd do with TWO .22lr rifles. i wouldn't bring both to the range with me.

Answer on Is it worth it to trade in my rifle?

I can't tell you how many times I traded rifles--only to regret that I no longer had it later. In recent years I have traded two weapons I wish I had just hung onto--a Ruger Single six and a Marlin 1894 .357 magnum. Why don't you just hold onto the rifle? Sure, you may not see any reason to take two guns to the range, but you could always trade off. The Savage Mark II is a very nice .22 and on par with some of the .22s made by CZ.