Thursday, May 9, 2002

Fellow Britons, Do you support The Queen?

I was reading the website and was wondering what peoples views are on the Monarchy and its role within our Country.

I've listed some counter arguments below.

Queen Elizabeth II is descended from King Egbert very first ruler of England, very few people actually realise that The Royal Family own Great Britain its only because over many centuries we have evolved in to a Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy. as layed out in provisions of the Act of Settlement 1701 and the Bill of Rights (1689)

Monarchy is unpatriotic - no political leader could ever unite the people in the same way as The Queen. I feel god dam proud when i watch Trooping the Colour or State opening of Parliament, also what about Royal Navy fleet reviews only The Queen can command such an event where 400 Warships from all over the world turn up to celebrate Britain's unique history.

Monarchy is a waste of money - Monarchy is the best value for Head of State when you compare the fact that The Queen only costs each Briton 66p a year compared with Italian President Silvio Berlusconi who costs each Italian ?1.26 a year. so who do we get? Queen Elizabeth II most loved and respected Head of State in the world....Italy get Silvio Berlusconi (Dirty old man who sleeps with call girls) for double the price!

Monarchy is Undemocratic - The Queen as a Constitution Monarch remains Politically Neutral unlike Banana Republics where Military coups take place all the time, Our Queen remains firmly in control of the Armed Forces her Crown serves to remind our elected leaders that they are there to serve the people.

accident of birth is no qualification or justification to be head of state for life - Elizabeth is a Queen, you don't have elected monarchs or people who rotate, what would be the point in that?

The Queen hasn't scuppered anything, most people are so easily taken in by newspaper spin. you'll know if The Queen had interfered politically because Constitutional Crisis would follow!

The Crown pays for its self, any money that The Queen is given to carry out her duties as Head of State is dwarfed by the amount of money she puts back in to the treasury.

2008/09 revenue by estate (% of group total):
Urban ?221.4m (72.8%)
Marine ?49.7m (16.3%)
Rural ?26.7m (8.8 %)
Windsor ?6.3m (2.1%)…

Her Majesties Yatch Britannia
As well as hosting royal banquets and receptions, Britannia was an ambassador for British business, promoting trade and industry around the globe. Indeed the Overseas Trade Board estimates that ?3 billion has been made for the Exchequer as a result of commercial days on Britannia between 1991 and 1995.

What is your opinion, please only sensible answers no insults!

Answer on Fellow Britons, Do you support The Queen?

I’m not surprised by the negative comments on here. There are many people that don’t actually understand (or want to understand) the monarchy; you have done a good job pointing out and explaining the common misconceptions.
Looking at it from a general point of view, many people dislike politicians, they are effectively contradicting themselves by wanting a President. Sure they are elected, but that wouldn't stop taxes or have more benefits than a monarchy in my opinion. The Queen, who has dedicated her entire life to her duty, is the perfect figurehead for Britain.
Would the majority of people want Gordon Brown and his ilk representing this country? Would a President attract tourists? No. I’ll always have respect for the monarchy whatever anyone else says.