Saturday, March 9, 2002

Opinions on story, plz?

For a few minutes, Reese stared at the pile of clothing strewn all over her canopy bed. Her mother had been lecturing her to clean her closet for months. She was just now getting to it.
With a sigh, she plucked a baby-blue sweater off of her bed and tossed it into her "Winter Clothes" bin. Since Spring was coming, she figured she should store her winter clothes until next season.
"Two more weeks!" her older sister, Savannah, boomed in the other room. "I am so outta here!"
Reese just smiled and shook her head. Two weeks until Spring Break and she couldn't be more excited. Going back to Barbados was an obsession she'd been thinking about since August. She was already preparing her wardrobe for the one week vacation. A hat for the sun, plenty of short-shorts, and tank-top and spaghetti strapped tops laid in her Louis Vuitton luggage.
A minute later Savannah waltzed in. Her brown hair was put into a sloppy bun and she was clad in red plaid pajama bottoms, a Notre Dame t-shirt, and bunny slippers.
"Already packing?" she asked, putting one hand on the wall and the other on her left hip.
"Nah, I'm just cleaning out my closet." Reese said. "But I have gotten started on some of my outfits."
"Riley is begging me to go to Panama City Beach with him and his friends." said Savannah. "How can I turn an offer like that down."
Reese laughed. "That's why you should go. My friends and I are going to Barbados."
"I know, but I want to go to Barbados, too." Savannah explained. "Panama City Beach just seems like there's too much chaos."
"Probably because there is." Reese took a handful of clothing and threw it into the bin.
Afterward, she knocked her pillows off of her bed and sat on top of it. Earlier that day, her boyfriend John Griffin told her that he wasn't able to go to Barbados with her. She was disappointed in hearing that. It would have been less fun without him. She didn't want to be the only one there without a boyfriend.
"Can I ask you something?" she said.
"Sure," said Savannah, placing herself on the edge of the bed.
"What would you do if you weren't spending time with your boyfriend?"
"I'd probably die."
"Yeah, that's what I thought."
"Oh...John not going?"
"Well, text him while you're there."
Reese sighed. "It's not the same. How am I going to have fun without him."
"Try." Savannah said simply. "It always works for me. Just don't find another cute boy in Barbados."
"I'm not a slut." joked Reese. "Besides, it's weird not being on vacation with your boyfriend."
Even though Reese didn't have a boyfriend the last time she went to Barbados. But now that she had a boyfriend, she felt weird not spending time with him as often as she should.
"Oh, well." Savannah shrugged. "Good luck."
When she exited the room, Reese took out her cellphone and texted Holly.
Reese McKinley: where r u?
Holly Drake: @ Jen's. ?
Reese McKinley: cuz I need the news on John
Holly Drake: Oh...yeah. I don't think he's going
Reese McKinley: No ****. Anyway, is there a way I can go with him?
Holly Drake: Ur not planning on ditching us are you?
Reese McKinley: srry, but I want to spend the break with John
Holly Drake: I'm sighing right now.
Reese McKinley: I'll have to think about it
Holly Drake: K just don't be stupid
Reese sighed and rolled her eyes. Holly wasn't very understanding about things like this. She always wanted things to revolve around her. Reese would have loved to go to Barbados with them, but it would have been boring without John. Her friends could keep her company, but being with John was completely different.
The morning after, Reese entered inside her Spanish II classroom. She found her seat next to her friends who were peering down into their Spanish notebooks. Melissa Johnston was the first to look up. She had golden-red hair and dark-brown eyes.
"Hey, you got an extra pencil?" she asked nonchalantly.
"I think." Reese said, reaching into her front compartment of her backpack.
She took out a Christmas themed pencil and handed to Melissa. She smiled a thanks before returning to her book. Reese remembered that they had a huge test to take. It was worth half of their grade. Suddenly she began to panic. While all of her other friends were studying, she was too busy worrying about John.
Work on your priorities, Theresa. Reese thought to herself.
At that moment, Mrs. Sanchez walked in with a scowl on her face. She banged the door shut, causing the whole class to become quiet.
"Put away your books and take out your pencils." Sanchez instructed grimly. 
"Somebody's on their per

Answer on Opinions on story, plz?

Nice story. It got me engaged but I thought it came and went a little too quickly. Good use of description. Maybe add more suspense to it? Overall, it was ok