Tuesday, January 29, 2002

How much does a 1 week trip to italy cost?

We are trying to pick a place to go for my senior trip and we were thinking italy. How much does it cost for about a week on average?

Answer on How much does a 1 week trip to italy cost?

It will depend a lot on exactly where you go, when you go, how you get around, what you see, do and eat, the types of places you stay, etc. However, count on a minimum of $100 per day plus the airfare (per person) and that's pretty bare bones - 100 euro a day would be better and that will be staying in hostels.

These links should get you started on finding current prices to refine the estimate for a trip now:

Just as a reference for airfare, I flew round trip between Denver and northern Italy a couple of weeks ago for around $900 and this is the off-peak season. Obviously, prices depend on exactly where you start and where you fly into as well as the travel dates.

trains & railpasses: http://www.seat61.com/ This site has a huge amount of information including links to the various national railroad sites where you can check schedules and price individual prices. It also covers rail passes in depth. If you're only going to be in Italy, it's cheaper to buy individual tickets than a railpass.
airfares: http://www.kayak.com/flights
budget flights in Europe: http://www.skyscanner.it/ , http://www.whichbudget.com/
hostels: http://www.hostelbookers.com/guide/weste…
monastery/convent stays: http://www.monasterystays.com/
hotels: http://www.venere.com/
general advice: http://www.backpackeurope.com/tips/

I generally count on spending 25 to 50 euro for myself when I go out exploring here (for a full meal). Of course, you can eat well for less (or a lot more). You can get a pizza here in Italy for 8 to 13 euro. Pizza by the slice or a panino could be in the 3.50 to 6 euro range. For comparison sake, a McDonalds McMenu meal (medium size) is around 6.50 to 8 euro - I don't suggest that you actually eat there, but it will give you an idea of prices here vs there. Souvenirs are totally up to you - set a budget and stick to it. Other places in Europe might vary some, but aren't really all that different since there are a wide range of prices in any area.

You can find entrance prices for museums and other tourist attractions on their websites.