Monday, January 7, 2002

Need help making a friend?

So my boyfriend's best friend was dating this one girl for a couple months. I really liked her as a friend, she was so much like me. Well he ended up breaking up with her and I only say hi and stuff on facebook, but i kinda wanted to still be friends with her. How can i befriend her without making her feel uncomfortable. She is just one year younger than me and we both have a daughter. hers is 2yrs old and mine is almost 2 months.
I just dont have any friends, like girls my age to hang out with. Its just my boyfriend and his friends. Sad i know it just not easy for me to break out of my shell

Answer on Need help making a friend?

It's always an odd and uncomfortable situation when friends drift apart. My advice would be to simply message her like, "Hey! Miss you. How've you been doing?" And boom. Convo starter.