Friday, January 4, 2002

My theory on christian religion, from an Atheist?

Well i am not a christian myself, but i dont dispute that there was some man named god, ect...think da vinci code! Like it says, we are all davine! I believe jesus was a ordinary man who's power went completly out of proportion, everything he could do, can be done in todays day and age, through helping the sick with medicine, turning water into wine through fementing, ect...Call me ignorant but i am unable to believe in a greater power of one i have no prove off!!!

How can religion fuel so much power on earth. we kill, hurt, control people all in the name of religion.

I think people ultimatly should believe what they want to, like i believe in evolution as i can see clear proof to support it. But people should not use religion to cause war, terrorism.ect..

Your thoughts???

Answer on My theory on christian religion, from an Atheist?

I agree.

Nothing wrong with believing in a higher power, and adding truth as you see fit, and what works for you, will not work for all, or others.

Religion was the first form of control, and as such, I will not comply.