Saturday, December 22, 2001

I'm scared that I have cancer? Helppppp?

I am a 14 year old girl, I am a hypochondriac. Do these symptoms sound like any kind of cancer?:
- headaches
- short of breath
- stomach pain
- nausea
- decreased appetite( no weight loss)
- heavy feeling In legs
- back pain ( upper/shoulders & lower.
- upper spine hurts if I press hard on it.
If it means anything I am underweight, I carry a big backpack to and from school.

Answer on I'm scared that I have cancer? Helppppp?

To put your mind at rest , go get a blood test then you will see for yourself that it is all in your head.

I'm a hypochondriac too and It sucks I know. I had to have a blood test because I thought I had cancer, diabetes, appendicitis, swine flu, you name it I've thought I've had it!

Everything you are feeling is anxiety. You are tensing your muscles sub subconsciously therefore it is causing pain , you are worried sick (literally) , the stress causes headaches, and you are probably having a panic attack too which causes short of breath and fast heart beat.

I am 16 so I know what it's like from a kids point of view to feel like this and be scared that no one will take you seriously.

Just have a blood test to put your mind at rest :)

Good luck sweetie xx

What are the best cities to see in Italy?

If I had about 10 days, which cities would you recommend/advise not to see? Is it better to stay in just Northern Italy and save Southern Italy and the islands for another trip?

Answer on What are the best cities to see in Italy?

"Best" really depends on your particular interests and when you'll be coming to Italy. However, with a ten day trip, I would advise you not to try to cover too much or you'll spend all your time in transit and get to do very little. If you've never been to Italy, then there's a lot to see and do in the bigger cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice. You can also use any of these as a base for some interesting day trips too. For example, from Rome, you could get to Pompeii for a day. Tivoli and Orvieto are interesting possibilities too. From Florence, it's an easy train ride to Pisa to see the tower and then on to Lucca for the rest of the day. Siena would be another great choice as would Arezzo. Padova, Verona or Treviso are good day trips from Venice.

There are lots of local festivals during the year that might make one of the cities more interesting. This year, the Biennale will be running in Venice. There are art installations all over the city with the main exhibitions in the Giardini and around the Arsenale. Or the Il Redentore celebration in July is very good. Florence has the explosion of the Cart for Easter. If you time things right you can even get a photo of the "dove" flying out of the Duomo and setting off the fireworks.