Friday, November 16, 2001

What process would I have to go through to become a resident of another country?

I' am a service member in the US Navy who is planning on moving out of the country when I separate. I have choosen to move out because I' am sick of so many people in this country not showing any appreciation for what the people who defend this country do. I' am sick and tired of the way that Hollywood continues to wipe our society clean of any good morals or values and tells people what's cool and not cool. I' am also sick of the way that this society is so sexed up (especially in Southern California; where I currently live), becoming a place where everyone is in a competition to show the most "skin" and where intellectualism and kindness are looked down upon, while arrogance, shallowness, selfishness, and materialism are exhaulted. In our society, for instance, being an arrogant "badass" who has no respect for woman and cheats on his wife and or girlfriend and is a complete rebel, is ok, but having respect for others and doing some good for the community and the world is "lame." Also, in our society, it seems to be the norm for young women to do things like making out with other girls, and for young men to watch pornographic films. Our society also seems hell bent on making life one big party, sending out the message to many (especially younger people) that getting drunk, and acting stupid is supposedly "living life to the fullest." Because of all of this, my ambition is to move to a country where people still have good morals and values, where I can feel like my service to that country is appreciated and that all of the hardships that I encountered while in that service, are worth it. I want live in a place where I feel that I can be myself (a caring and kind individual) and not have to worry about being looked down upon by my peers for it. I also desire to be in a place that is far from Hollywood's negative influences. Anyway, I' am willing to surrender my citizenship to live in another country (whether it be a place like Spain, Greece, Italy, the UAE, Bahrain, the Azores, Saudi Arabia, Japan, a remote Pacific Island Country, ect.). So besides giving up my citizenship, what else would I have to do?

Answer on What process would I have to go through to become a resident of another country?

you would need to take the citizenship test in that country and pass also live there for a certain amount of time