Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Have you noticed that nearly everything in this world is based on 'balance'?

I would love to read your views on this. I have noticed that many things in this world is based on the concept of 'balance'

Think about it. Balanced diet, work life balance, in chemistry balancing chemical equations, in biology, homeostasis is about balance, in physics every action there is an reaction, visible light is in the middle of the electromagnetic spectrum, when playing competitively in sport balance between attack and defence, all the faulty thinking habits which cause depression are examples of out of balance thinking (e.g. ignoring the positives), too little or too much anxiety causes problems, when parenting we must balance between protecting the child and giving them freedom. Overprotection is no good neither is spoiling them. Assertiveness is in between passiveness and aggressives. Buddhism talks about the middle way. In nature there is talk about balance. The same applies to health. Too high or low blood pressure is no good. Even in economics, balance plays part. The earth is nearly in the middle of the solar system. Not too close to the sun nor too far. Indeed, the hundreds more examples.

Of course this does not mean that we live our lives in half half portions. Sometimes, we need to shift more to one side if the circumstances require it.

Isn't this interesting? What is your view?

Answer on Have you noticed that nearly everything in this world is based on 'balance'?

That is so interesting! I suppose it's because everyone wants to be perfect, so to be perfect is to have the right amount of everything. But of course, no one is perfect, thus nothing is actually in perfect balance.