Tuesday, August 14, 2001

How to win over the perfect woman?

I need to seriously win over a woman who I’m in love with and have been friends with for years but she gets so much attention that I don’t know how to stand out. Every guy pulls out all the stops, tells her he loves her, buys her stuff, etc. And to be honest, they’re all pretty good looking men. Probably better looking than me!

I do think we have something, and I know she wants to give me a shot, but how the heck do I retain the attention of a beautiful, intelligent, much loved woman like her when she pretty much has her pick of the litter?

she's early 30s, i'm late 20s.

Answer on How to win over the perfect woman?

First of all, since you've been friends for years, she knows you for your personality so you don't have to be the best looking guy. If she likes you, she'll like you for who you are. Have you just tried asking her?