Friday, August 3, 2001

Will me excercise/diet plan work?

Okay 5'6 182 and im wondering if this will help me lose weight.
DIET: fruits in morning, usually a banana.
lunch i have a salad, water, and an orange.
dinner i have a salad and a glass of milk.
Run track 2 miles and up big set of stairs every other lap.
Plank for as long as i can.
25 squats
50 Jump Squats.
50 delcine pushups
50 one leg hip extensions
50 split squat jumps
50 mountain climbers
50 burpees with a push up.
100 sit ups.

Answer on Will me excercise/diet plan work?

Exercise is good but don't overdo it to start with. I don't actually know what plank is, but you shouldn't exercise "as long as I can". You should start out with less reps unless you have already been doing this sort of exercise for a while as overwork can lead to muscle damage which will only slow you down more in the long run.

You didn't specify the contents of your salads, but unless it includes some protein you are not going to be getting enough on that diet. Muscles need fuel. A good general rule would be two to three protein portions about equal to the size of a deck of cards per day, and you can do this easily without too many calories if you avoid fat. If you want a really useful rundown on a healthy diet, take a look at the recommended diet for diabetics on the American Diabetes Association's website.