Tuesday, July 31, 2001

How can I become friends with girls?

I'm an average guy, maybe a little shy not really though, but I can't seem to become friends with any girls. I talk to a few girls occasionally but not on a consistent basis, I'm facebook-friends with a bunch of girls but I don't really even use facebook and it would be weird if I talked to girls on there since I'm not really true friends with any girls. And I have no special interest in anyone at my high school, and I don't see anyone from any other schools. But all my friends are guys, so I was wondering what should I do to be friends with some girls and get their numbers for texting just as friends. It seems like all the girls I see are always with a bunch of other friends at the same time and guy friends. Please help, and no negative feedback. Thanks!

Answer on How can I become friends with girls?

well if ur guy friends have friends that are girls start hanging out with them and get to know them and get their numbers. or just start talking to girls, its not hard:)