Monday, July 16, 2001

Would being anorexia/bulimic make me lose weight?

im 15 in a half and weigh 140 pounds. i would only eat one meal a day (around 4:30pm) and a flavored water througout the day. and i would eat some more at nite and everything i ate i would purge. Would this make me lose weight...if so how much a week? and plz no comments on how its bad for me or whatever else or reccomendations to other weight loss solutions. i know the risks and everything that could happen. and please dont call me stupid or anything, ive made my mind up...i was just wondering

Answer on Would being anorexia/bulimic make me lose weight?

Karen Carpenter was anorexic and even though she went through treatment and gained the weight back her heart was permanently damaged and she suffered a heart attack and died. I believe she was only in her 30's when she died suddenly. Get help from your school guidance counselor. This is not a good thing to do. It is not about losing weight. It is about staying a child, letting someone else make your decisions for you and about controlling something (food) in your life. Read some books in the library to find out why you are doing this.