Thursday, June 14, 2001

Needing to lose weight, but have a few questions.?

I just recently bought a Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike. I woke up, ate a banana, and then rode it for 30 minutes. Is this enough time? Or should I go longer? If I should work my way up to going longer, about how many days/weeks should I step it up a notch? I also have to ride it on 1 because I have bad knees and the doctor said that it was because of lack of exercise, when should I up that a little bit to?
I'm not out to get 'skinny' within a week. I want to do this the right way. So if you have any good tips for dieting, or workouts even feel free to share. The major parts I want to lose weight is: Stomach and thighs. And I would like to tone my arms up a tad bit.
All comments are appreciated.

Answer on Needing to lose weight, but have a few questions.?

Ok u don't wanna workout too hard too soon 30 min is a good start but u should be increasing that everyother day if not everyday.
U wanna mainly focus on your diet because u don't want mucle under fat not only will u not be happy with the results u wills gain weight. If u wanna tone up expect to gain a little because muscle weighs more then fat.
U want you body to feed off its own fat so lay off the cabs fully.

Breakfast kellogs berry yogurt cereal with fiber and antioxidents or egg whites and oatmeal

Lunch apples or other fruits or salad fat free dressing

Diner salmon or chicken breast a small amount of a starch like brown rice and veggies

Cut bread soda and any other sugar out and u will see results. Eat all meals in small portions

Working out: don't do just one thing or the same things everyday. Day one bi's and tri's day two abs and thighs day three chest and cardio

Good luck oh and don't completley cut carbs out your body does need it just not a lot all the time just here and there