Friday, May 25, 2001

Can u help to solve these questions ? 1917-1918?

Supply the correct identification for each numbered description.

1. Wilson's appeal to all the belligerents in January 1917, just before the Germans resumed submarine warfare.

5. Radical antiwar labor union whose members were prosecuted under the Espionage and Sedition Act.

8. Treasury Department bond-selling drives that raised about $21 billion to finance the American war effort.

9. The nations that dominated the Paris Peace Conference – namely, Britain, France, Italy, and the United States.

11. Controversial peace agreement the compromised many of Wilson's Fourteen Points but retained his League.

12. Senatorial committee whose chairman used delaying tactics and hostile testimony to develop opposition to Wilson's treaty and League of Nations.

14. Amendments to the proposed Treaty of Versailles, sponsored by Wilson's hated senatorial opponent, that attempted to guarantee America's sovereign rights in relation to the League of Nations.

15. Wilson's belief as to what the presidential election of 1920 would be, if it were presented as a direct popular vote on the League.

Answer on Can u help to solve these questions ? 1917-1918?

I don't know some of these either. The ones I do know are:

1. ?

5. Socialist Party

8. Liberty Bond Drives

9. The Big Four

11.Treaty of Versailles


15. Great and Solemn Referendum (?)

I'm also having to do this...