Saturday, March 31, 2001

Help with Jonas Brothers fanfic? (I want some real answers please. thanks)?

I'm writing a Jonas Brothers fanfic and here's what I have so far:

Selena Gomez,Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers are on tour together in Beirut Lebanon. Kevin feels like none of the fans like him. While he's walking on the side of the street and texting at the same time he runs into Linda. I made her up and she has long curly dark hair and brown eyes. They start talking to each other and Kevin gives her tickets to the next concert. She goes and she goes to the meet and greet. She meets Nick,Joe and Selena. Then her and Kevin go out and she tells him that her whole family died. A couple days later she hung out backstage. They decide to have her go with them to the US in California. Linda is part American and part Lebanese. When her,Selena and Demi are driving home from the movie theatre they get into a car crash. Selena and Demi are fine but Linda dies. Later on in the story Kevin ends up with Danielle and Zoe Myers comes in and tries to ruin everything.

My actual question is should I have Nick and Selena together or have them break up but they are still friends and they tour together for a while then Selena leaves them to go on tour with the scene. (I'm going to make the break up even) Then I put NIck with NIcole Anderson from JONAS.

I thought of putting him with Nicole after I saw this video.

Answer on Help with Jonas Brothers fanfic? (I want some real answers please. thanks)?

i would have him and nicole together during the whole thing cuz then you could write selena in as being jealous and thats why she made a band and went on her own tour with the scene.