Monday, March 19, 2001

Is it harder to get into Columbia University as a transfer student?

I am a 20 -year-old currently enrolled at a university in MIlan, Italy where I'm attending the first year of the Bachelor in International Economics but I 've realized that it does not correspond to my expectations as I am looking for a more challenging and stimulating environment. This is why I' m considering the idea of applying to Columbia University, School of General Studies as a transfer student.Do you know if it is much harder to be accepted as transfers rather than freshmen? I heard very different opinions but none of the people I spoke to was actually able to give me an answer so I really count on you:)
Thanks in advance

Answer on Is it harder to get into Columbia University as a transfer student?

Lili is correct - Columbia's SGS is their "continuing education" program, and is thus is, by design, easier to get into than their other programs. The one thing I want to clarify about her answer is this - she mentioned that some of the Ivys don't accept transfer students. I'll add that still others only accept them into their less prestigious continuing ed-type programs. Columbia is like this. While Columbia does accept transfer students, they only accept them into their School of General Studies, and not into their more prestigious colleges like Columbia College.

However, as you probably saw from Columbia's website, as a CGS student, you'll be taking the *exact same* classes as "regular" Columbia students take. IMO, the quality of the education you'd get there would be quite strong.

One major drawback - I don't believe that, as a CGS student, you'd qualify to live in Columbia's student housing. If that's an issue for you, since you're coming from abroad, you may need to look quite carefully at your options.