Sunday, February 18, 2001

I need help from everyone :) please!!?

I'm trying to lose a little bit of weight...I'm into running but it only seems to be helping my calves and not my thighs. I realized that I would also have to change my diet (I eat rice everyday because I'm Asian so I already started cutting down on that and I eat lots of fruits) so the big question is....
What are some healthy energy bars?? They make me feel less hungry and i also need them for athletics. I have to do track in the mornings and i need a good energy bar. I don't want weight loss bars, just healthy ones. I like clif bars and special k, but they seem to be too sugary. Also, what can I do to tone my legs and waist? I know doing planks and squats help but my legs will get too used to it. I do wall sits sometimes, but again I get used to that. I need some ideas! I dont want to lose so much weight, just enough so that my body doesn't look chunky if you know what I mean. im not fat but im not slender. Summer is coming up and i want to look nice in a bathing suit *wink wink* Thanks :)

Answer on I need help from everyone :) please!!?

I take hemp protein and fiber, fiber makes you feel like your full, plus it's organic.
I usually mix it with fruits and make it into a smoothie.
You can take it after your workout as a recovery drink.