Monday, January 8, 2001

Has your opinion of a celebrity?

Has your opinion of a celebrity changed once you started following them on Twitter?

I'm taken aback by the number of celebrities who lack basic grammar and spelling skills.

Have you unfollowed some of your favorite celebrities or pseudo-celebrities on Twitter because they frequently bragged about their lives and/or your eyes started to hurt from reading their tweets filled with spelling mistakes and poor grammar?

Answer on Has your opinion of a celebrity?

Although I never joined twitter for I felt as though the most trivial aspects of someone else's life is something I do not want to be privy to, I still can relate to this question quite easily. There is an old saying "Never meet your hero's." This is said I believe because the better you get to know a celebrity and/or hero, the more apparent it becomes that they are just as human as you and I.

The image we create for them simply does not reflect who they are in reality I'm afraid; for we utilize so much of our imagination and try to make them something we want them to be as opposed to something they actually are.

I love music, and the only real celebrities that have really ever mattered to me are the ones associated with the music world. (Most of whom are dead, but not all)

I have heard certain stories of things they had done, or instances of mental illness on their part that disturbed me so much, that it actually changed the way I associated my feelings with certain songs that I treasured.

I remember learning something of a particular band that was negative, and my brother (Who's a very gifted guitarist) heard in my voice where I was going with the information I was about to convey to him, and that it was something that disappointed me, and so he said "Don' tell me, or I'll never listen to them again!" He was quite serious by the way.

It was so important to him that I didn't' tell him, that I didn't damage the image he had in place of this particular band.

I think his approach is correct. I truly feel as though the less we know about our "hero's" the better; for we may not like what we ultimately find out about them.