Saturday, December 30, 2000

TAYLENA!!! Plzzz help!?

Ok so I am like a big fan of Taylena! (Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift) Now.. Im not a physco who wants taylor to break up with a girl who he dates whos not selena but Im curious i heard that Taylor Lautner may have broken up with Taylor Swift (IM SO HAPPY CUZ I MEAN WHO DATES SUMONE WITH THE SAME NAME??) to get back with selena... is it true?!?!
Plzz answer me and sorry if anyone lyks Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner and i offended them... cus i really do lyk taylor swift

Oh and I found out about the thing here:

Answer on TAYLENA!!! Plzzz help!?

I think selena and taylor make a cute couple. Why did they break up?