Friday, December 15, 2000

I cant feel my orgasm anymore... i need serious answers please. thanks?

I am 16 years old. I masturbated nearly every day since I was 13. I dont have any mental problems but I do have autism. Im not taking any medication (except for Androderm because I have low testosterone. People do not seem to get this but <i>NOT</i> caused by the medication... this started <i>BEFORE</i> my medication. I know that Im doing it right because it feels really satisfying, and I dont want it to stop. But when it gets to the point where I cant hold it in anymore and I *** and it feels good (afterwards... relaxation wise) but theres no orgasm accompanied with it; as if nothing happened. Just ejaculation. I know this is usually the opposite of what most people experience (orgasm with no ejaculation), and its causing me a great deal of distress. Im not sure what the problem is, but Ill tell you a few things about me to see if you might be able to explain my problem.

1) Im not stressed when I'm doing it; Also Im fairly good at forming sexual fantasies (some really sick and twisted ones at that, but they turn me on).
2) I considered that I may not even be ejaculating, but I don't know what else it would be. It's not precum; I know what that looks like because I've seen it when I've failed at masturbating on the tip of my penis - just a drop though. It's not urine because it doesn't leave a yellow stain on my pillow case and doesn't smell like ammonia. I'm almost positive it's semen, but there's a slight possibility it's not. I always *** in my pillow case, so I've never seen if it's white when spurting on something that doesn't absorb liquid.
3) I'm not on a healthy diet. I'm overweight.
4) I still get horny pretty often

Thank you for reading the entire question; I know it was too long and detailed for most.
Thank you very much in advance. Have a nice day

Answer on I cant feel my orgasm anymore... i need serious answers please. thanks?

You're a 16-year-old male. That means frequent masturbation; daily is far from unheard of at your age. Your autism has nothing to do with this. Your sexual behavior is perfectly normal.

If you aren't having an orgasm, however, that's a problem. The real question is -- are you having the orgasm but just not recognizing that's what it is? Not all orgasms are mind-blowing, paralyzing, toe-curling, breathtaking events. Sometimes it just feels kinda good and that's it. You do feel the intensity building and there is some kind of a climax coupled with ejaculation.

First, try skipping a few days. Force yourself not to play with yourself for three days, then try again. When you do it, go slow and as you feel that intensity building up, slow down even more. Try to keep yourself at the edge without going over for as long as you can. Then when the climax does hit, see if you experience the pleasure you're seeking.

If that doesn't work, do it in another setting than you usually do, so you can actually see what you ejaculate. You should get a tablespoon or two of semen, which will be a sticky, white or yellow-white fluid that has kind of a milky look to it and a distinctive odor kind of like shellfish. If you do this and find something else, there may be a physiological problem, and that may require a doctor's assistance.

In the meantime, incorporating some physical exercise into your daily routine will help. That will cause your body to produce more testosterone, which will increase your sex drive and intensify your feelings when it does happen. Also, you should explore relationships with partners. You're at an age when having a girlfriend (or a boyfriend if you swing that way) is entirely appropriate and some degree of experimenting is part of those relationships. Having a partner for your play adds a level of fun and pleasure. If you become sexually active with another person, please wear a condom.