Saturday, December 2, 2000

Is this diet tip true? im not sure....?

i read if you drink loads and loads of water then you loose your water weight and you can loose up too ten pounds in one week? if this is true can you explain how? and if it isnt true please explain why this doesnt work? and also give me some diet tips? thankyou (:

Answer on Is this diet tip true? im not sure....?

No, it's not true. A lady actually died from doing that a couple of years ago - she drank so much water that her body couldn't remove it fast enough and she died.

Water is good because it fills you up, but a glass before meals is all you need as a diet aid. Drink 2 litres of fluids in a day - you don't need any more than that unless you're an athlete!

Is it safe to buy 'ALLI' the diet pill off Ebay?

I know alot of ppl will say 'dont do it' re buying the pill in the first place but I already excercise daily eat well and purely need this to MAKE ME have willpower and not give into the odd chocolate or cake, I know the side effects and by taking it it will stop me eating the stupid things that ruin my weight loss each month. So...the problem is they dont sell it in the UK yet but Americans are selling them on EBay, do you think its the real thing (certainly looks it and their feedback is good for others buying off them) here is the link… please let me know what you think

Answer on Is it safe to buy 'ALLI' the diet pill off Ebay? is a leading weight loss portal in UK and alli diet pill will be available online at within month.

Alli-A Diet pill that costs just ?1 a day and claims to help women rapidly lose weight.

Alli got approval by Europe's medicine watchdog and could be on sale in Britain by the summer. Alli- a half-strength version of prescription diet drug Xenical (orlistat) --- as the first diet pill to be sold over-the-counter in the Britain.

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